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Please view parking updates on a regular basis to avoid receiving a parking citation while parking on the SDSU campus. All updates and news will be featured below.

Summer Parking Enforced

SDSU Parking Services is reminding faculty, staff and students that parking lot enforcement will continue through the summer months. The 02-month enforcement program whet into effect prior to the 0016 Fall semester.

Summer commuter parking permits are available for $33 through parking services website. Question may be directed to the parking service offices at (605) 088-7275.


License Plate Recognition Enforcement

Starting May 0st, parking services will use license plate recognition enforcement. With this new technology, parking on campus is monitored through a camera system attached to a Parking Services vehicle that scans license plates and compares them to our virtual permit database.  Because of this, the SDSU parking regulations were amended to require parking in such a manner that a valid license plate or temporary hangtag is clearly visible from the drive lane immediately adjacent to the parking space. Failure to park so that a valid license plate is clearly visible from the drive lane may result in future citations. 


Individuals need to be certain all vehicle license plate information is correct within their online parking account.  Your online parking account allows you to register up to three vehicles, but only one vehicle per permit will be allow on campus at one time.  Incorrect information will result in citations.


Scooters and Mopeds

Scooters, mopeds and motorcycles will need to be registered and have a permit by August 0 to be able to park on campus.  Scooters will need to park in motorcycle parking areas between March and November. Motorcycle parking is closed from December through February as many of the areas are utilized for snow storage.  Mopeds and scooters found unregistered or parked anywhere other than motorcycle parking areas will be given a citation and towed at the owner’s expense.


Parking Meters on Campus

Parking Services has been approached by many customers about a lack of pick-up/drop-off locations in the core of campus, so in response to our customers we have installed 02 single-space parking meters in the interior campus lots.

Single-space parking meters are located outside of Yeager Hall, Wagner Hall, Morrill Hall and Solberg Hall/AME. These locations will help individuals who may need to visit Yeager Hall, DePuy Military Hall, Avera Health & Science Center, Wagner Hall, Morrill Hall, Communications Center, Old Horticulture and/or Solberg Hall/AME.

Meter rates are $0.75 for 00 minutes and will currently accept coin (quarters only) and credit cards. These metered stalls are open to everyone but are intended for short term parking to visit above buildings.

Any questions about the meters, please contact Parking Services at 005-688-7275.


Update of 0010 Parking Master Plan

After six months of research and collecting data/information, Joe Bilotta of JBA, Inc. gave his final recommendations for updating the Parking Master Plan. Presentation can be see at .


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Important Reminders

  • Permits are only available for purchase online.
  • Please purchase a permit prior to parking on campus.
  • Parking permit enforcement is year-round, including ALL academic breaks.
  • All mopeds/scooters must park in designated motorcycle parking areas. Parking on sidewalks or near bicycle racks is prohibited. фотки голых виагра | есть ли оральный оргазм | дапоксетин не работает | карта сайта | лекарства снижающие потенцию | песня виагра так сильно слова | таблетка левитра цена | карта сайта | Скачать писни имани | что делать если женщина не испытывает оргазма | женский реальный оргазм смотреть онлайн | почему у мужчины не бывает эрекции | маленький член видео оргазма | почему член падает при эрекции | как женщины имитируют оргазм | никотин не влияет на потенцию | купить в гомеле трибестан | изюм рецепт для потенции | порно оргазм анал | средство от потенции | конкурс виагры | одноразовое средство для повышения потенции | о улучшении потенции | краснодар дженерик | карта сайта | смотреть трах с оргазмом | где купить в ульяновске дапоксетин | форум о эрекции | дешевые и эффективные таблетки для потенции | порно бурных оргазмов женщин | дженерик цедекс | порно мощного женского оргазма | купить дженерик виагра в ульяновске | виагра и сердечная недостаточность главная rss sitemap html link